Mother-Baby Friendly Public Places

In the UAE, most breastfeeding mothers rely on artificial baby milk whenever they go outside their house (to go in a shopping mall, visit a museum, etc…). This is unfortunate as research has proven that babies who receive artificial formula have an increased risk of infections, allergies and chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, compared to babies who receive only mother’s milk.

Therefore a public place has a responsibility towards the community and should contribute to “A Right Start for a Healthy Future” by becoming ‘Mother-Baby Friendly’, as decreed by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.

Fully-accredited public places will be officially awarded a “Mother-Baby Friendly Public Place” label. The Mother-Baby Friendly accreditation is a staged process which includes registering with SBFO and then establishing a Mother-Baby Friendly policy signed by the Director of the public place.

The policy should detail how the place will protect the public from the promotion of artificial feeding and provide a room for the clients or visitors to breastfeed their babies.

All public places in the Emirate of Sharjah are expected to obtain the ‘Mother-Baby Friendly’ accreditation which is valid for 3 years.