Steps for Work Places

These guidelines have been developed to enable each Workplace to understand and implement the requirements for the “Mother-Friendly Workplace” accreditation.

Establish a Mother-Friendly Policy and ensure all staff are aware of it.
  • The policy will be given to the workplace written in Arabic and English
  • The workplace should make sure to send the written policy to all staff through anyway chosen.
  • The policy should be part of the orientation package for any new employee.
  • The workplace which accepted the policy should not accept any gifts, sponsorship or distribute promotional materials from any company manufacturing products that substitute breast milk
provide designated room(s) for mothers to breastfeed their babies or express their milk.
  • Each workplace has to decide the number of rooms/cubicles according to the size of the workplace.
  • The room (s) provided should be clearly identified in the workplace.
  • Each room should be provided with the following:
    • Good sanitary conditions (ventilation, light, cleanliness…)
    • Privacy (lockable room or cubicle)
    • Space for the room (minimum 1.2*1.5m)
    • Comfortable chair(s) with nearby small table
    • Waste bin(s)
    • Electric outlet(s) to plug breast pump(s)
    • Nearby access to running water (not necessarily in the same room)
    • Nearby refrigerator (optional)
    • Displaying brochures or posters about breastfeeding support groups in the community
allow employees to take breastfeeding breaks.
  • A positive, accepting attitude from upper management, supervisors, and co-workers is essential to empower employees to succeed in combining working and breastfeeding
  • The length and number of breastfeeding breaks vary depending on what age the baby is and the number of hours at work (the longer the working hours the more breastfeeding times needed to maintain the flow of the breast milk)
  • A log-book could be used by the staff to document their presence in the Mother’s room.
designate a breastfeeding support group from the employees.

The role of the committee will be

  • Link between SBFO and the workplace
  • Attending some of the breastfeeding courses so they can be trained to support breastfeeding mother
  • Document the program components to facilitate the accreditation process.