The number of women with babies and young children who return to the workforce is increasing. Unfortunately, the absence of breastfeeding facilities at their workplace rapidly leads to the dependency on artificial baby milk.

Thus, it is essential that workplaces contribute in giving babies and children “A Right Start for a Healthy Future” by becoming ‘Mother-Friendly’, as decreed by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.

It is in the employers’ best interests to support their breastfeeding employees, as research has shown that the benefits for the organizations include: reducing operational cost, decreased absenteeism and better public images as an organization.

Fully-accredited workplaces will be officially awarded a “Mother-Friendly Workplace” label. The Mother-Friendly accreditation is a staged process which includes registering with SBFO and then establishing a Mother-Friendly policy signed by the Director of the Workplace. This policy should detail how the Workplace will protect their employees from any promotion of artificial feeding, and how the following steps will be implemented:

  • providing a room for the employees (to breastfeed their babies or express their milk)
  • allowing the employees to take breastfeeding breaks
  • and designating a breastfeeding support group among the employees.

Mother Friendly Accreditation label is valid for 3 years.